Tom Kimmel's June News-in-Brief

Greetings from Ireland!

I arrived in Galway this morning, and it is a glorious blue sky day. So good to be back. Always.

On Sunday I’ll be welcoming my 2024 tour group. We will be heading south to Cork, then…

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My 1st Production: New Zen Rydells EP!

Hey Everybody,

It's official: the Zen Rydells' new EP, "The Early Years" has been officially released, and you can stream it everywhere.

So if you're an Apple Music listener, you can stream it HERE.

If you're a Spotify user…

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Tom Kimmel's May News-in-Brief

May Greetings Everyone!

I’ve discovered you can spend an awful lot of money on teeth—and it’s not that hard to do! Then again, it’s really good having them in working order.

BTW I’m writing you between appointments with a dentist…

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Tom Kimmel's April News-in-Brief

Greetings Everyone!

It's a rainy spring day in Memphis, and outside my rain-streaked window the yard is an impressionist's painting of green, white, deep violet, yellow, and pink. (I've really got to learn the names of these flowers.)

OK, the…

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Tom Kimmel's Early Spring News-in-Brief

Hey Everybody!

In March a few years back I was touring in Canada with the Waymores. It snowed every day we were there, so driving was an adventure. One day we rolled into Saskatchewan, where snow plows had piled the…

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Tom Kimmel's February News-in-Brief

Greetings Everyone!

I suppose by now we have all experienced some truly demented weather in still-young 2024. But as Sir Paul McCartney said, "Forge ahead." (He really said it.)

Of late I have been holed up in my studio as…

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Happy Holidays from Memphis!

Happy Holidays Everybody!

As we barrel toward the New Year, I want to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate you—more than you know!—and to wish you the happiest holidays ever. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa…

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Tom Kimmel's Early December Newsletter

Greetings Everyone!

Well I'd begun to think I was immune, but I got Covid three months ago and it kicked my booty right down the road. Now I'm back to normal in most ways, but my brain seems to be…

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Tom Kimmel's Fall News

Fall Greetings Everyone!

We had a hard freeze last night, and I forgot to cover my favorite plants! My periwinkles have bloomed nonstop all summer and early fall, and now, alas, they've frozen and wilted. 

But I do love fall…

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Tom Kimmel's Early Fall Newsletter

Greetings Everyone,

I’m off to Scotland in three very short days, so I'll be keeping this one extra-brief. I just want to touch base with you, acknowledge the filaments stretched between us—and say that I pray the arrival of fall…

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Tom Kimmel's August News-in-Brief

August Greetings to all Sentient Beings!

Mid-August usually brings the dog days of summer, but this Memphis morning is startlingly cool and beautiful—startling because it follows weeks of intense heat and scary thunderstorm bombardments. But today the sky is bright…

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Tom Kimmel's July News-in-Brief

July Greetings from Memphis!

Well it’s cooled off a bit here—only 93º today, thankfully—and I mean it when I say my heart is with my Texan and New Englander friends who are at present melting or floating. I pray for…

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