Tom Kimmel's Official Fall News

Official Fall Greetings Everybody! 

Boy oh boy, the colors of the old trees in Midtown Memphis are coming alive. I’m crazy about these trees! 

Of course the seasons don’t change so noticeably everywhere, and south of the equator you’re slipping…

Tom Kimmel's Early Fall News

Early Fall Greetings Everyone! 

I didn’t intend to maintain radio silence for so long, but for several weeks now my wife and I have been neck deep in relocating to Memphis (and all the house-selling, apartment-hunting, moving, downsizing etc. requires). 

Tom Kimmel's Midsummer News-in-Brief

Greetings Everybody! 

I pray that as you read this you are neither drying out, burning up or drowning here in the midst of our across-the-country crazy weather summer. 

I’m on the run, so I’ll be extra-brief, but I do have…

Tom Kimmel’s June News-in-Brief

June Greetings Everyone! 

“Humid subtropical” is the climate category we fall into here in Mississippi, and it's an apt term for our fast arriving summer. Hard to imagine that when I was a boy in nearby Alabama we didn’t have…

Tom Kimmel's Spring News-in-Brief

Spring Greetings Everyone! 

Somehow this impossible world keeps turning, and in spite of everything hard and worn, wow, here comes Spring... and a little Spring news. 


CONTENTS of This Newsletter 

1. Two unique streamed shows (with Beth Wood and…

March News-in-Brief

March Greetings Everyone! 

Got my second Covid shot yesterday, and I’ve never been so happy to feel chilled and wobbly! I just wish everybody who wants one could immediately get theirs. 

It's all good, but since my brain's not quite…

February Greetings Everyone!

What a time we're living in. Will we ever forget it? 

Got my first Covid shot yesterday, and here's how badly I've wanted it... 

Last week I drove five (5!) hours round-trip to Natchez only to be informed that I…

Happy Holidays from Tom Kimmel!


1. Happy Holidays Everybody! 
2. New Website... (online NOW) 
3. Food for Thought... from Sufi mystic Rabia 
4. A Poem for the Season ("My Sister") 
5. A Mini-Holiday Song mp3 gift... for you (attached) 


1. Holiday Greeting 


November News-in-Brief

¡Hola! Allô! Hello!... Late Fall Greetings Everyone! 

I have a new song called *Nothing's Making Sense to Me But You that begins... 

What a time to be alive, what a time to be alone 
What a time to be alive…

Late Summer News


1. Late Summer Greetings! 
2. The News-in-Very-Brief: Art book update, virtual shows, recording project(s) 
3. TK Poem of the Month: "Rockin' Mockinbird" 
4. Recommended: "Love on the Spectrum" (TV) and "Against the Rules" (podcast) 
5. Food for Thought from…