Tom Kimmel's May News: Sherpas album!

May News from Memphis...

I'm back from a fabulous month in Ireland and Scotland—and of course I want to share a little of that with you—but the big news TODAY is that "Promise to Harry," the Sherpas long-in-the-works second album…

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Tom Kimmel's Spring News-in-Brief

Spring Greetings from Ireland...

Spring’s arriving by the minute here in County Clare! The trees are pushing out pale green leaves, and the hills and roadsides are peppered with golden gorse. I’ve savored my time here, and I pray that…

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Tom Kimmel's February News-in-Brief

February Greetings Fellow Planetarians! 

We have a lot in common, you and I, living on this planet at exactly the same time. We're all breathing, walking, talking, sleeping, laughing, crying, reaching out, turning in, learning our lessons, and making our…

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Tom Kimmel's January News-in-Brief

January Greetings! 

It’s a strangely warm, rainy day in Memphis, a good day to stay inside and catch up with you. Not much news thus far in the New Year because I’ve been slowly recovering from a couple of pesky…

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Tom Kimmel's December News-in-Brief

December Greetings! 

As I write this, a chill rain is pounding the skylight over my head here in Memphis. I pray that we're all warm and dry as these crazy storms roll across the country. And here, nearly at the…

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Tom Kimmel's November News-in-Brief

November Greetings & Early Happy Thanksgiving! 

I pray all of us are staying warm through the crazy cold snap affecting much of the country. It's been so cold (and so early) for so many! Having a paucity of meat on…

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Tom Kimmel 2023 Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Greetings to All Friends, Fans & Curious Onlookers! 

It’s now sho’ nuff autumn in Memphis, and today's been spectacular! After an early morning walk, however, I've been holed up in my little attic studio, which is where I've been…

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Tom Kimmel's Early Fall News & Tour Dates

Early Fall Greetings to All Sentient Beings! 

I love that word “sentient.” According to Webster’s it means “able to feel things.” And thank God we still can. It’s so tempting to pull way in, armor up, knuckle down and simply…

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Tom Kimmel's August News-in-Brief

Late Summer Greetings to My Friends on Planet Earth, 

Yes, I’m also an earthling, though sometimes I feel quite the visitor, which is how I felt last week disembarking an international flight to a sea of airport TVs streaming news…

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Tom Kimmel's July News-in-Brief

Hi Everyone! 

I’m off to Ireland the first of next week, so SUPER SHORT newsletter this month. 

If you missed last week's news blast about my 2023 tours in Ireland AND Scotland, I'll paste that info in below. 

In the…

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Tom Kimmel's June News

June Greetings Everyone from very hot Memphis! 

And hey I know it’s uncomfortably hot lots of places right now. I do pray everyone’s managing. 

With that in mind... Last weekend my wife and I took a walk sponsored by an…

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