Tom Kimmel’s June News-in-Brief

June Greetings Everyone! 

“Humid subtropical” is the climate category we fall into here in Mississippi, and it's an apt term for our fast arriving summer. Hard to imagine that when I was a boy in nearby Alabama we didn’t have air conditioning, but then again I didn't know what I was missing. Today? Hey you know what they say about luxuries becoming necessities! 

OK, and now the news. 


CONTENTS of This Newsletter 

1. Waymores livestream set in 2 short weeks... 
2. TK Zoom song classes June 14 & 21... 
3. New official TK YouTube Channel 
4. If you missed my Words & Music night with Beth Wood… 
5. Quick studio report… 
6. TK Poem of the Month: “Home” 
7. Food for Thought for Writers & Readers (from Nikki Giovanni & Joseph Brodsky) 


1. Waymores livestream coming up in 2 short weeks 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021  *7pm CDT 
Music My Mother Would Not Like Presents... 
…a livestream concert with Tom Kimmel, Sally Barris, Don Henry (solo and as the Waymores) 

*Virtual doors at 6:30pm CDT 

Sal & Don & I will each play a short solo set, followed by a Waymores set—the first time we Waymores will have played together in 5 long years(!) 

—Admission is free (or donation, if you like), but registration to join stream is required. 

For more info, click HERE. 


2. Stars & Wishes song feedback classes for EmPowerU 

I’ll be facilitating 2 song feedback classes (via Zoom) for my good friends at EmPowerU. 

As of this writing, I’m told there are 1 or 2 slots open for each small class. 

For more info, click HERE. 


3. TK Artist YouTube Channel 

Thanks to my Creative Director Shauna Jamison I finally have a dedicated YouTube Channel. 

(We’ll add clips as we discover more good ones.) 

To check it out, click HERE. 


4. If you missed my Words & Music show with Beth Wood… 

…you can catch it on Facebook HERE. 

I so enjoyed that evening. Thanks again to hosts Bruce Swan & Louise Baker. 


4. Studio Report 

I have been busy in my Hattiesburg studio with an as-yet-unnamed new Nashville duo’s EP, and we had a blast here last week recording the guys' overdubs… 

…and I’ve also recorded classical solo pieces for the talented Cuban violinist Alejandro Junco Romero… 

…and I've worked again recording oboist Galit Kaunitz, who brought along the amazing vocalist David Walker. 

I’d LOVE to share a sampler of these works with you—and I hope to do that in the future. 


5. TK Poem-of-the-Month 
—I wrote this one 4-5 years ago, filed it away and forgot about it. 


There's nowhere I feel much at home. 
Sure, here or there 
for a minute or a day, 
in your arms for a night 
or an afternoon 
—in church the odd morning, 
the walk in the rain, 
the breath for the high note, 
the next line or verse, 
the rest in the hollow of the song. 
Yet rarely the same place twice, 
and never for anywhere long. 


6. Food for Thought… for Writers & Readers 

“Writers don’t write from experience, although many are hesitant to admit that they don’t. … If you wrote from experience, you’d get maybe one book, maybe three poems. Writers write from empathy.” 
—Nikki Giovanni (b. 1943), poet 

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” 
—Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996), Russian-American poet 


Till next time, Maximum Peace, Love and Understanding,