From the recording Light of Day

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TK/Maribeth Derry

— Maribeth is a lyricist who has written big hits and film songs, but my favorite stuff of hers is her deeply personal work. [We wrote Fatherless Son for Bones.] When she brought me a lyric for this song – which she’d titled What Love Allows – she told me she felt very tender about it. Over the following weeks I picked it up and put it down a number of times in working it around a melody, and I became very emotionally involved with it myself. Although I didn’t have children I somehow identified strongly with Maribeth’s voice. I was relieved when I showed her what I’d done and she was happy with it. It’s always felt to me like something that might play in a music box.


Sleep baby sleep, don’t you cry
Even if we’re all alone here tonight
Dream baby dream, you know we’ll get by
We’ll find our way in this world

There was a time when I would have been scared
Now I know the angels watch over us here
Things seem impossible and somehow work out
Clouds roll away, love comes around

Run baby run, show me your plan
Stretch your new legs in the sun while you can
Feel the good earth here in your hands
That’s the best part of this world

If you’re gonna dream, dream with all of your heart
And don’t be afraid of your dreams in the dark
Things seem impossible and somehow work out
Out of the blue love comes around

Have you come to teach me what love’s all about
Somewhere beyond our reason to doubt
How love would include all our fear would leave out
And love never wants us to hurt

So sleep baby sleep, please don’t you cry
I’ll stay beside you as trouble goes by
I meant to hide from love, you found me out
That’s the best part of this world
That’s the best part of this world

words & music: Tom Kimmel & Maribeth Derry
©1993 Marada Music / Drala Music / Criterion Music Corp (admin. by Criterion Music Corp.) / Global Music (admin. by Chrysalis Music)(ASCAP)