Tom Kimmel's Spring News-in-Brief

Spring Greetings from Ireland...

Spring’s arriving by the minute here in County Clare! The trees are pushing out pale green leaves, and the hills and roadsides are peppered with golden gorse. I’ve savored my time here, and I pray that wherever you are, your Spring is off to sweet start, too. 

As I’m on the move over here, I’ll be extra brief with a little news…



1. Long in-the-works new Sherpas album shipping to radio in 5 short weeks!

2. I’m off to Scotland to host my inaugural Traceless musical tour..

3. Ireland & Scotland 2024: easy links to all the info...

4. TK Poem of the Month: Lover's Grace

5. Wisdom for our times from Annie Besant & Bob Dylan

1. Long awaited Sherpas followup album ships to radio June 1st

I can hardly believe I’m writing this, but it's happening: A Promise to Harry, the Sherpas first album in 20 years, ships to radio on June 1…

…and in mid-May Tom, Michael and I will be making a “sneak preview” available to friends and fans. (This means you.)

Details coming in my May newsletter..

2. Off to Scotland to host my first musical Traceless Tour..

I've so enjoyed my annual Ireland tour—the weather was perfect today at the Cliffs of Moher...

…and this weekend I’ll be off to Scotland to host my very first musical tour for Traceless Tours.

—I'll meet up with my group in Edinburgh on Monday... and off we'll go. Needless to say, I’m crazy grateful and excited.

3. Ireland and Scotland 2024: You’re invited.

If you feel the tug to come with me—or are just curious about the trips…

…click HERE for IRELAND info.

…and HERE for SCOTLAND info.

I’d love to explore with you.

...and/or feel free to email me at ireland(at)tomkimmel(dot)com or scotland(at)tomkimmel(dot)com.

4. TK Poem of the Month: Lover’s Prayer

I haven’t dreamed a suitable new poem since last newsletter, but last night I ran across one I'd stashed away some time back, and it begged for a dusting off and sharing.

Lover’s Grace

Bless this food before we eat,
the toast we burned scraped in the sink,
the scrambled eggs a little dry,
and grits still smoking on the eye

because our love is far too strong
to keep hands off each other long
or kisses from a lover’s face,
we bow our heads and say this grace.

5. Wisdom for the our times... from Annie Besant & Bob Dylan

“Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act.”

—Annie Besant (1847-1933), women’s rights activist/writer/speaker

“There’s nothing scarier than someone earnest in a delusion.”

—Bob Dylan (b. 1941), songwriter/author/artist

Till next we meet, Maximum Peace, Love & Understanding,


PS Thanks always to the folks at Elixir Strings for keeping me playing the world's best strings for over 25 years.

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